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      is the union of two pioneering surfing brothers in Salina Cruz; created in 2010, we now have been privileged to be benefiting from the very best job in the whole world, surfing!! Between the brothers there is more then 25 years of hard earned surfing knowledge of the region, this understanding of the local conditions is what makes a good trip into an epic trip here in the wave blessed paradise here in the beautiful state of Oaxaca, Mexico!

We will be happy, quite lucky, to be able to share our experience with you, to show you what we know and the kind hospitality we offer. The utmost experience is achieved at our new location, especially designed, architectonically built for your comfort and satisfaction at Playa Brasil, right between Punta Conejo and Punta Chivo (international renowned surf breaks).

Our House is tended by our family and it offers 24 hour safety services.

A surfing typical day

Very early, your expert surfing guide will kindly knock on your door, breakfast is ready and awaiting you: coffee, cereals, fresh season fruit, yogurt, milk, granola (baked grains), marmalade, toasted bread and much more.

Your surfing boards neatly tied to the rack in our 4×4 truck, which is equipped with a first aid kit, air conditioner, stereo sound, sun-shade (canopy), beach chairs and of course: a beautiful cooler full of fresh season fruit, sandwiches, freezing beer, Gatorade and soft drinks. 5:15 is the time to leave the camp, your expert guide wants to be there on time to thank the sunrise among the waves, perhaps even inside a gorgeous barrel. Entirely for ourselves, the beach awaits.

At about 2:00 p.m. is lunchtime, it is served at La Coneja Surf Restaurant; yes, a Restaurant will be taking care of your cravings during your stay, by offering you the most delicious Mexican meals. As you enjoy the exquisite dishes, we will offer entertainment in the form of a slideshow, displaying photographs and footage of your surfing session. And then, if you wish, a recovering nap.

At 4:00 p.m. is time to go back surfing! The last one to leave the water surfs until dark.

Due to our experience, we know there is a magic moment right before night-fall and it truly is worth to be there in case it occurs, believe me, it has happened to us many times, to witness the glass off, with epic and elongated barrels.

8:30 p.m. every day is a great day! It’s time to celebrate and enjoy: dinner is ready! Savor one of our traditional dishes, select the one to relish from our collection of delicacies, always served with homemade tortillas and fresh natural fruit flavored water at La Coneja Restaurant and Grill.

9:00 p.m. don’t miss the summary of the day, with the best photographs and footage taken by the cameramen and hosts of La Coneja Restaurant and Grill

11:00 p.m. time to sleep.

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